Our Green School Motto

This is our school. It needs to be seen,
Me and my Classmates are GOING GREEN!

By Conor Martin, 2nd Class


Keep Our World Green

Keep our world green, it’s not that hard.

Everyone should get involved

Everyone has the world in their hands

Prepare the world for the future land



Out and about picking up litter

Using the world as a bin is quite bitter

Reduce and reuse when you’re done

and recycling can be fun



When the world stays green

Our animals and birds will stay seen

Recycle, reduce and

Learn to reuse

Don’t ever let the world get abuse



Green, green, green all the way

Reduce our litter – that’s the way.

Everyone be a litter-sitter

Electricity wasting is so bitter.

No way, we don’t want litter.


By Ella Martin 


The arrival of our first ever compost bins!



The Great Bin Design Challenge!

From this……                                                                                                                    

                                                                                               ……. to this!!!


The Winners!
Congratulations Ms. McConnell, Third Class and Fourth Class for their Wonderful Themed Creation!